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Established 2007

Every Face A Melted Face

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is a passionate community of artists who create unforgettable experiences through live original rock theater. BROS was founded in 2007 by a small group of friends sitting in a basement dreaming of an impossibly enormous story that would be told through the awesome power of rock.

Since that time BROS has become a powerhouse of Baltimore’s cultural landscape comprised of a highly energetic group of actors, writers, designers, builders, musicians, and artists with the mission of producing original, live rock operas. Every year thousands of fans flock from the Mid-Atlantic region to witness the performances of the city’s most collaborative, creative production troupe.

What people are saying

"If this is what motivated volunteers can do with next to nothing, hell: Why not give Baltimore’s artists a chance to make the city’s schools work?"

Bret McCabe Baltimore City Paper

"There’s both a seriousness of intent and abundant appreciation for the form apparent in the work of the BROS."

Peter Marks The Washington Post

"BROS solicit the artistic community to mount exhilarating productions that play renegade to the domesticated mainstream."

Jim Luce Huffington Post

"You want a show? This is a f*#ing show."

Laura Dattaro Baltimore City Paper

"Technical spectacle really draws the audience into the warped and twisted world of this incredible musical."

Amanda Gunther DC Metro Theatre Arts

Building A Community

As part of our 7,000 year mission we have begun assembling an arsenal of manpower, DIY resources, and homemade meatpies to bring more taint-shredding, original rock operas to the world. But BROS is also supported through a huge number of collaborations with other like-minded and righteous folks in and around Baltimore. Here is just a sampling of some of our rock-solid community collaborations and ways we get the word out about True Rock.

  • BROS at the Bell Foundry

    We are currently operating BROS HQ out of the first floor of the Bell Foundry: a multi-purpose cooperatively run performance and rehearsal space specializing in all things wonderful – featuring a community garden, skate park, upstairs print shop.

    Learn More
  • BROS and Thread Coffee

    Thread Coffee is a collectively-owned and operated small-batch coffee roaster committed to a transparent model of trade that promotes dignity, sustainability, and solidarity. We teamed up and collaborated on a custom BROS coffee blend!

    Watch the Video
  • Street Shows with the Bröthership

    BROS has performed in street festivals in Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia. At the center of our street shows is a converted 1988 Saab 900-turned-in-your-face behemoth of unrestrained rock power known as The Bröthership.

    Get ready to rock
  • Convergence Maximus

    In 2014 we collaborated with the Concert Artists of Baltimore to produce a mix of classical greats and select songs from past BROS shows arranged to include CAB’s professional orchestra and choir.

  • Pitch Parties

    In 2011 we held our first Pitch Party, where we asked the Baltimore community for ideas and suggestions for our next rock opera! This tradition of soliciting our community for new rock opera pitches continues today.

    Learn More
  • Beer & BROS: Drink Local

    Beer has been a part of our creative process since BROS began, and over the years several local breweries have become a very important part of the BROS 7,000 year mission of rock-n-roll domination.

    One Hi-yi-yah

Some of our Members

  • Devin Martin

    Devin Martin

    Puppets & Costumes

    "I first joined during Gründlehämmer 2014 doing shadow puppets and costumes. My greatest accomplishment to date is creating the fuckrats. I love BROS because they have tripled my opportunities to dress up in crazy costumes and act a fool."

  • Christian Marra

    Christian Marra

    Everyone's Little Brother

    Christian came down from New York to join BROS, volunteering with Front of House, building sets, and rocking out at Artscape. While he may be back at school for the time being, he continues to torture his older brother with terrible jokes. We miss him terrible. Terribly.

  • Derek Vaughan Brown

    Derek Vaughan Brown


    "I was born during Murdercastle into the skin of the devil. I am half monster, half diva, full swagger. BROS are my mothers, sisters, and daughters. We are a skald clan on the road to immortal glory. Sing and be with us."

  • Bob Rose

    Bob Rose

    Department of Bob

    Bob was a friend of BROS. In 2014 it became "more than friends" because of his silly videos. Shannon says he is a Department. He's fine with that. He usually wears a Robocop hat. He claims he washes it monthly.

  • Eliza Vlasova

    Eliza Vlasova

    Costume Department, Head of Bad Guys

    Eliza's first BROS show was Murdercastle, after which she went on to be one of the lead designers for Gründlehämmer, creating spectacularly villainous outfits for all the bad guys. She is now touring the country dressing singing nuns, but she will always have a special place in BROS!

  • Lucas G. Gerace

    Lucas G. Gerace


    Lucas, along with his faithful serpent Zatanna, has worked with BROS to enhance spectacle with a variety of the Dark Arts. He can sometimes be found performing deft sleight of hand in the Front of House as well.

  • Melissa LaMartina

    Melissa LaMartina

    Has heard of Artscape

    Melissa was first an actor in Amphion. She's danced, sang, directed, written, and/or sewed for all but one show since. To her, BROS is the epitome of Baltimore's vibrancy. Things happen here that can't anywhere else.

  • Tyler "Dirty" Merchant

    Tyler "Dirty" Merchant

    Bass Player and Resident Frat Boy

    Dirty has played bass for the majority of BROS productions beginning with Gründlehämmer in 2007. He has contributed songs to Valhella and Murdercastle and is a regular production volunteer. He refers to alcoholism as "an intriguing challenge" and his beard is a sentient life form protected under the Geneva Convention.

  • Ashley Cavey

    Ashley Cavey

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Ashley Cavey came into the Rock Opera 6-Pack as the BROS Volunteer Coordinator and totally held down the fort like a boss. She helped rehab our beloved artcar, the BRÖthership, for Artscape 2015, and continues to kick all the butts.

  • Jay Weixelbaum

    Jay Weixelbaum

    Band Leader

    Jay joined BROS as the B-Weekend Band Leader for The Rock Opera 6-Pack. He plays drums and has a sweet beard. He would never write his own bio, but we think he's tops.

  • Rachel Reckling

    Rachel Reckling


    Rachel joined BROS during The Rock Opera 6-Pack and continues to perform with the company in our upcoming show, CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong. We think she's awesome to the max.

  • Michael Ziccardi

    Michael Ziccardi

    That Guy with the tan

    No one changes a Facebook cover page daily quite like Michael Ziccardi. After performing in The Rock Opera 6-Pack, Ziccardi decided we were indeed his kind of crazy, and has stuck around ever since. Look for him in CHRONOSHRED!