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BROS Newsroom

Bell Foundry Graffitied

April 27th, 2017

On Thursday April 27 we woke up to find the Federal Street side of the Bell Foundry had been tagged with "$HAME 100"

Baltimore City Paper did some investigation and got a statement from the person responsible, who said the tag is "aimed at the disgusting machine of divestment, reinvestment, and displacement," adding, "it is shameful to displace artists and it is shameful that the property is now going for so much."

After meeting with our landlord we determined that BROS had to be responsible for cleaning up the graffiti. After seven hours of powerwashing (thanks to our neighbors at Station North Tool Library) we've removed a decent amount of the tag. We've heard extremely positive and extremely negative reactions to taking down the graffiti and we've had some really cool (and some really not cool) conversations about it. While we understand and agree with the sentiment of the tag, we'll sign off with this thought: if you want to send a message to someone don't put it up on a home that's a part of the community you're advocating for.