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BROS Newsroom

Our Next Show: The BROS Double Feature!

February 28th, 2011

Finally, the day everyone has been waiting for – tickets to the mindblowingly awesome BROS Double Feature, Amphion/The Terrible Secret of Lunastus are now on sale!!  Two short masterpieces of rock theater, one absurdly epic night. Opening May 27 and running through June 5, the double feature is guaranteed full of the sheer facemelting power that Baltimore has come to expect of its resident rock theater troupe. Best of all, tickets are only $12!!!


A tragic love story set in Constantinople in the year 532 AD. A sweeping dramatic epic that sets a gifted musician against the political and cultural powers that be. On the eve of a historic peace with the Persian Empire, a court musician to the Emperor Justinian finds himself torn between love of his country and newfound love a powerful ambassador's daughter. Amphion's supernatural songwriting ability swayed the people of Constantinople in wartime and won him the love of the beautiful Nasreen. Will it be enough to save him from his fate?


A comic space-serial in classic 50s camp style.  On the eve of the Earth's destruction the starship Abacus finally land on the unexplored planet LUNASTUS! Watch as this motley crew of spacemen explore the strange and wonderful secrets of the ABZUG race and find the bizarre secrets of their ancient religion. This show is set to a sweeping score of 70s style rock and roll. If you don't understand it, blast it with LASERS!!!