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BROS Newsroom

Throwin Goat at H St Festival!

September 20th, 2010


"On Saturday, the H Street Festival introduced me to, as a friend put it, “the greatest thing since things became good.” What is this wonder of awesomeness you ask? The Baltimore Rock Opera Society, my friends. They write and perform original rock operas in venues around the Baltimore area. Yes, they are in Baltimore and thus outside the usual geographic focus for our DC-lovin’ website, but can you seriously tell me you wouldn’t travel to see kitschy homemade valkyrie costumes and fake guitars shaped like giant meat cleavers featured in an original rock opera?"

Thanks to for showin luv – that is about the best description that words can provide for the mayhem that BROS unleashed upon H Street this weekend. Check out the following links for a full run down:

Full article on

BROS Photostream on Flickr!--if you've got any awesome pics of us at an event, we would love for you to share!

Tom Bridge's Photostream has alot of great views from the Festival as well.  Thanks, Tom!

HERE is a video of contestant Laster Blaster, competing in the BROS semi-annual air-guitar competition. Needless to say he scored highly.

Last but certainly not least, BROS throws the horns to our gracious hosts Dolly and Steve at Gallery O on H for inviting Art Cars of all shapes and sizes to be at the Festival this year.  Thank you for everything, and we'll see you next year!