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CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong

  • CHRONOSHRED: The future is coming!

    CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong is an action-packed sci-fi comedy that feels like watching all of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons – transported 3000 years into the future! Join Stardust Lazerdong and his band of badass aliens as they transmit their music to billions across the universe on a pirate video signal, creating new fans and even more enemies as they time-travel across the galaxy! They’ll have to work together to outsmart the evil BiznizCorp, battle T.I.M.E.C.O.P.s, and discover the secret of the Chronoriff to fulfill their destiny and throw the biggest concert of all time.

    CHRONOSHRED is the 7th original production written and produced by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

    Click here to view the entire show program!

    • Philip Doccolo Co-Director & Lead Writer
    • Danielle Robinette Co-Director
    • Katie Hosier Stage Manager
    • Chuck "Classic" Green Sr. Assistant Stage Manager
    • Naomi Davidoff Interim Production Manager
    • Debra Lenik Production Director
    • Sarah "Flash" Gorman Movement Director
    • Carlos Guillen Technical Director & Lead Audio Tech
    • Chris Allen Lighting Director & Lighting Dragon
    • Matthew "Hachi" Reid Projectionist
    • Ajay Menius Lead Mothertrucker
    • Debra Lenik Interim Volunteer Coordinator
    • Miriam C Volunteer Director
    • Michael Ridgaway Front of House Co-Leader
    • Kim Stanbro Front of House Co-Leader
    • Kerry Brady Finance Overlord
    • Zack Branch, John de Campos Music Co-Directors
    • Judy Kurjan-Frank, Erin Reid Co-Choreographers
    • Matt Beale, Allison Hicks Costume & Armor Designers
    • Matt Beale, Kate Smith-Morse Costumes Department Co-Leaders
    • Mike Bull Helmets Department Leader
    • Alan Schnittman Soldering & Small Lighting
    • Amanda Boutwell Wigs Hair & Makeup Department Leader
    • Zach Yarosz Sets Department Designer & Leader
    • Anna Platis, Jen Tydings Props Department Co-Leaders
    • Eli Breitburg-Smith Guitars/Instruments Department Leader
    • Joe Martin Creatures Department Leader
    • Jacob Dillow, Chuck Green Puppets Department Co-Leaders
    • Shannon Light Hadley Lead Graphic Designer
    • Bob Rose Lead Video Designer

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