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The Rock Opera 6-Pack

  • The Rock Opera 6-Pack is an exciting NEW format for BROS: a collection of six one-act rock operas, 25 minutes each.

    BROS are breaking out of their typical format of one huge epic show to bring short-form rock musical spectacles to wider audiences. These smooth, crisp, refreshing rock operas are filled to the brim with deep, handcrafted flavor. The Rock Opera 6-Pack: “Oh boy, what a show!”

    A WEEKEND (May 21–May 24)
    Thursday May 21     6:30PM & 9:00PM
    Friday May 22          7:00PM & 9:30 PM
    Saturday May 23     7:00PM & 9:30 PM
    Sunday May 24        2:00PM, 5:00PM, 7:30PM

    Featuring: Determination of Azimuth, Revival & Sidelines

    B WEEKEND (May 28–May 31)
    Thursday May 28     6:30PM & 9PM
    Friday May 29          7:00PM & 9:30 PM
    Saturday May 30     7:00PM & 9:30 PM
    Sunday May 31        2:00PM, 5:00PM, 7:30PM

    Featuring: The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing, The Legend of Jessie Jean & RATS!

    Click here to view the entire show program!

    • Eric Church Determination of Azimuth Co-Creator / Sets & Props Design
    • Heather Graham Determination of Azimuth Co-Creator & ASM
    • Lola Pierson Determination of Azimuth Director
    • Andrew Bernstein Determination of Azimuth Composer
    • Alisa Brock Determination of Azimuth AD / Hair & Makeup Design
    • Jacob Dillow Determination of Azimuth Costume Designer
    • Sophia Mak Determination of Azimuth Choreographer
    • Carlos Guillen Determination of Azimuth Sound Design
    • Nisha Ramnath Determination of Azimuth Video Design
    • Craig Coletta Revival Director
    • Mark Miller Revival AD / Production Manager
    • Lucas Gerace Revival ASM / Wizardry
    • Susannah Horrom Revival Costume Designer
    • Lindsey Leiby Revival Graphic Design / Propaganda
    • Samantha Polinik Revival Set Designer
    • Lori Travis Revival Makeup / Gore Designer
    • Samuel Burt Revival Composer / Arranger
    • Will Henson Revival Lighting Designer
    • Nick Speach Revival Propmaster
    • Jack Sossman Sidelines Writer / Director / Composer
    • Randall Ziman Sidelines ASM
    • Judy Kurjan-Frank Sidelines Movement Director
    • Samantha Bloom Sidelines Costume Designer
    • Lauren Aycock Anderson Sidelines Composer / Vocal Director
    • Siobhan Beckett Sidelines Makeup Designer
    • John Marra Sidelines Puppet Designer
    • Heather Graham Sidelines Wig Designer
    • Matt Reid Sidelines Lighting Designer
    • Nairobi Ruby Collins Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Lead Creator / Composer
    • Sarah "Flash" Gorman Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Director
    • Katie Hosier Battle of Blue Apple Crossing ASM
    • Anna Platis Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Sets & Makeup Designer
    • Jacob Dillow Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Costume Designer
    • Alex Fine Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Composer
    • Brett Angstadt Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Lighting Designer
    • Sarah "Flash" Gorman Battle of Blue Apple Crossing Movement Director
    • Matt Casella The Legend of Jessie Jean Lead Creator / Director
    • Cat Yard The Legend of Jessie Jean ASM
    • Ryan Dunne The Legend of Jessie Jean Lighting Designer
    • Sam Grossman The Legend of Jessie Jean ASM
    • Matt Beale The Legend of Jessie Jean Costume Designer
    • Sarah "Flash" Gorman The Legend of Jessie Jean Makeup Design / Movement / Gore
    • Judy Kurjan-Frank The Legend of Jessie Jean Movement
    • Naomi Davidoff RATS! Lead Creator / Costume Designer / Co-Composer
    • Amanda Rife RATS! Director / Choreographer
    • Andres Lobo RATS! Co-Composer / Guitarist
    • Devin Martin RATS! ASM / Shadow Puppets
    • Joe Martin RATS! Set Designer
    • Izzy Lawler RATS! Creatures Co-Designer
    • Elise Collier RATS! Creatures Co-Designer
    • Amanda Boutwell RATS! Makeup Designer
    • Kate Smith-Morse RATS! Lighting Designer
    • Debra Lenik A Weekend Stage Manager
    • Greg Chaprnka B Weekend Stage Manager
    • Zach Yarosz Production Manager
    • Alan Schnittman Asst. Production Manager (Props & Puppets)
    • Joe Martin Technical Director
    • Naomi Davidoff Costume Director
    • Jeff Schabdach Venue Manager & Mothertrucker
    • Jeff Schabdach Audio Director
    • Chris Allen Lighting Dragon

All Productions

  • February 9-11, 16-18 Arena Players, Baltimore MD Learn More

    Constellations & Crossroads

    Arena Players, Baltimore's historic African American community theater, and Baltimore Rock Opera Society are partnering on an epic night of double-header theater entertainment!

  • September 15 – October 8 Zion Lutheran Church Learn More

    The Terrible Secret of Lunastus

    Lunastus is a zany comedy-action romp through the outers of space that pays homage to our favorite science fiction serial TV shows! Get ready to explore a bizarre new world!

  • October 28 – November 12, 2016 Chesapeake Arts Center – Brooklyn Park, MD Learn More

    Brides of Tortuga

    This violent, raucous, rebellious rock & roll musical begins in 1661 in Calais, France, and crosses the open Atlantic Ocean before coming to a bloody close in the Caribbean Sea.

  • June 10 – 26, 2016 Zion Lutheran Church – Baltimore, MD Learn More


    Amphion delivers blood, gore, tears, sweaty dancing, gore, sweet sweet romance and gore wrapped up in an epic historical fairy tale.

  • January 15 – February 7, 2016 1727 N Charles Street – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong

    CHRONOSHRED is an action-packed sci-fi comedy that feels like watching all of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons – 3000 years into the future!

  • May 21 – 24 (A WEEKEND) & May 28 – 31 (B WEEKEND), 2015 The Creative Alliance – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    The Rock Opera 6-Pack

    These smooth, crisp, refreshing rock operas are filled to the brim with deep, handcrafted flavor. The Rock Opera 6-Pack: “Oh boy, what a show!”

  • October 17 – November 17, 2014 Lithuanian Hall – Baltimore, MD; Atlas Performing Arts Center – Washington, DC; Plays & Players Theater – Philadelphia, PA Learn More

    The Electric Pharaoh

    An electronic revolution set in the neon future of Ancient Egypt.

  • March 14 – April 6, 2014 2640 Space – Baltimore, MD; The Torpedo Factory Art Center – Alexandria, VA; The Ruba Club – Philadelphia, PA Learn More

    Gründlehämmer 2014

    Our debut medieval fantasy rock opera, updated and re-imagined as a mind-blowing touring production.

  • May 10 – May 25, 2013 The Autograph Playhouse – Baltimore, MD Learn More


    MURDERCASTLE is a bone-chilling tale of death, love, and intrigue set during the Chicago 1893 World’s Fair.

  • May 11 – May 20, 2012 The Autograph Playhouse – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    Valhella: The Ragnarøkkoperetta

    VALHELLA: The Ragnarøkkoperetta is the first sign of the apocalypse – a Norse-inspired creation tale!

  • October 28 & 29, 2011 / October 27, 28 & 31, 2012 The Autograph Playhouse – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    Phantom of the Paradise 6D/6DD

    Our homage to the movie that catalyzed the creation of BROS!

  • June 3 – June 12, 2011 The Autograph Playhouse – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    The BROS Double Feature

    BROS present two very different rock shows in one evening of awesomeness.

  • October 2 – October 4, 2009 & February 12 – February 14, 2010 2640 Space – Baltimore, MD Learn More

    Gründlehämmer 2009/2010

    An original medieval-fantasy rock opera that combines completely ridiculous stage theatrics with live music.