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Past Fundraisers

BROS 2015 Campaign For Cash

In 2015 we successfully raised $30,000 to take the next step in our evolution as a company, launching our very first paid staff positions in our first year as a 501(c)3!

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BROS 2013 Campaign For Cash

With the help of noble Brojans far and wide we raised $20,000 to help us cover the costs of refurbishing our brand-new permanent headquarters and send our debut masterpiece, Gründlehämmer, on tour!

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BROS Campaign For Cash

In 2011 we raised over $4,000 to help us launch the BROS Double Feature – two completely original rock operas in one night!

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We express our utmost thanks to everyone inside and outside of BROS who has supported us over the years as we move forward into a glorious, rock-filled future.The following names are individuals who have gone above and beyond in their support of BROS – your name shall ring our in the Hall of the Dragon King for all eternity!

  • Doreen Bolger

  • Jane & Christopher Shipley

  • Jimmy Wylie

  • Kevin Griffin Moreno

  • Dylan Koehler

  • Stephen Frank

  • Stephen Hessler

  • Jason McDonald

  • Lynn Buhler

  • Dan Reck

  • Kathryn McConlogue

  • Phyllis V. Saroff

  • Barry A Hesson

  • Eric Squires

  • The Hagan Family

  • Carol & Pete Reid

  • Tim Bernheimer & Erin Reid

  • Paul Watkins & Caitlin Rife

  • Patricia Harcarik & Carlton Nelson

  • William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund

  • France-Merrick Foundation

  • The Brewer's Art

  • National Bohemian

  • Work Printing & Graphics