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BROS Newsroom

A Message from Our Artistic Director

December 14th, 2016

"For the past four years, BROS has made its Headquarters at the Bell Foundry on the first floor. Seven days ago, city officials came to shut down the Bell Foundry. Our space had valid permits, but the whole building remains closed, and we are uncertain what will happen to our future programming. This is not the first time that BROS volunteers have put hard work into a building where the owners were ultimately unable to get it up to code. We've watched the hard work of all these community members  get tossed aside. We're frustrated and exhausted at the prospect of restarting this cycle, and we never want to do it again.

Even with our home at the Bell Foundry secured, BROS has been unable to find a performance space that works for us in the long term. The past seven rock shows that we have performed have taken place at seven different and wonderful venues around the city of Baltimore, because the perfect space for BROS does not exist – yet.

We're starting a campaign to build a long-term home for BROS. We want to continue to work to inspire people in Baltimore, to build large-scale and collaborative performances, and create a home for a large and inclusive community. We're also looking for partners in this project who can work closely with BROS and contribute to the long-term sustainability of this building.

If you think that artists should own the means of production to produce their art in Baltimore, please support this campaign, and go out there and support other artists who are doing the same thing. We have a moment to create something positive, so let's create a Baltimore where the artists are in control of their own destiny. Check out more info about the campaign on our Crowdrise page, and of course please continue to support the artists who are displaced because of the Bell Foundry shutdown."