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BROS Newsroom

Announcing the Brides of Tortuga BROdown!

September 5th, 2016


Tickets are $10 at the door
Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm
Come early and stay late! Dress weird! Dress weirder than us!!!

Break out your eyepatches and come party with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society! On Friday September 23 the BROS will descend on The Windup Space (12 W North Ave) and deliver a night of face-melting, gut-shaking FUN to support Baltimore’s favorite masters of epic-rock spectacle, and to raise funds for their final show of 2016: BRIDES OF TORTUGA, opening in October – and we want you to come party with us!

Gavin Riley Smoke Machine – performing his choose your-own-adventure 3D animated rap album "Space Needle Mystery"
Pandas – Epicly anthemic punk-metal
Gazellynxxx & The Brides House Band – premiering NEW music from Brides of Tortuga!
Black Rose – Baltimore's Thin Lizzy Tribute

An epic raffle, sea shanties, limited edition merch, and a ridiculous photo booth!  Plus more stoopid fundraising antics from the BROS!

BRIDES OF TORTUGA will debut Friday October 28 at the Chesapeake Art Center in Brooklyn Park Maryland because it’s the only place big enough for this show! This raucous, rebellious rock and roll musical begins in 1661 in Calais, France, and crosses the open Atlantic Ocean before coming to a bloody close in the Caribbean Sea. The show follows Charlotte, a French freedom fighter who must figure out how to captain an unblooded crew and escape the French navy who are hot on their tails, and Mary, a humble barmaid who gets swept up in the adventure. Brides of Tortuga features a large cast, epic sets, intensive fight choreography, a stirring vocal ensemble, and a combined rock band/orchestra to create a powerful statement about rage, self-determination and kicking ass on a boat. Tickets are on sale now!