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BROS Newsroom

Artscape 2017 with the BROS!

June 28th, 2017

Join the BROS as we take over the Metro Gallery for Artscape!

BROS will be invading the Metro Gallery for Artscape this year, curating two nights of rock shows and a hyper-reality museum experience featuring some of the most impressive and crazed artwork, props, puppets and artifacts from the first 8 years of Baltimore’s original rock opera performance troupe. The BROS Museum gallery will feature an audio tour as well as artwork for sale. Friday and Saturday night of Artscape (July 21st and 22nd) BROS will be hosting ticketed live rock shows in two different flavors after the festival concerts end. Friday nights' "Pit-Makers" concert will feature excellent high-energy rock and punk and genre-mashing bands such as Black Lung, Garbage Masher, VLMA, and Soul Cannon.
Saturday's "Rump Shakers" will feature danceable rock and funk music including "F" the Funky Bass and Beats band, Abby Normal (featuring covers from female-fronted rock groups), and The Terrible Secret Of Lunastus House Band playing original glam-rock and groin-grooving anthems. DJ Equipment closes down the party with an epic alien dance party.

Come support the BROS as we continue to raise money for the BROS Forever Home! Baltimore deserves to have rock and roll productions forever into the future of this great city!

$10 // $15 2-Night Pass