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BROS Newsroom

Auditions for Incredibly Dead!

November 17th, 2017

Your favorite rock opera society is looking for badass actors, singers, and dancers for our spring 2018 original full-length production, Incredibly Dead!


Incredibly Dead! tells the story of Reggie and Silas Cryptz, two moronic, unscrupulous morticians who are down on their luck. When they come across a secret chemical created by a nefarious madman, they throw caution to the wind to try and save their own skins. This is a classic B-horror romp with bad people doing bad things, and bad things happening to them.

Show dates are expected to be April 27-May 20, 2018 (TBC).

We will be casting 11 lead/supporting lead roles and 7 ensemble roles for this show. The character list is below. We are open to changing characters’ genders or cross-casting. We are not seeking any particular demographic for these roles; trans actors, non-binary actors, and actors of color are highly encouraged to audition.

-Reggie Cryptz: A charismatic, egotistical mortician who is only concerned with the almighty dollar. He is a massive idiot.
-Silas Cryptz: Reggie's brother. He runs the more technical aspects of their mortuary business. He has turned a blind eye to Reggie's schemes. He is a slightly less massive idiot. Innocent and kind-hearted.
-General Maximillian Morder: A rogue military general with designs to end the world with a brilliant scheme. Idiosyncratic, witty, and imposing. The main "big bad." He is a crazy person.
-Margaux Morder: The General's daughter. A skilled, highly-trained assassin. She's cool as a cucumber, tough as nails, and the only person in this show with a modicum of common sense.
-Victor Coombs: The patriarch of the Coombs family. A highly successful and cantankerous businessman. He is a dead person. He might not stay that way.
-Baron Bryson Coombs: Victor's brother. A gregarious glutton who mourns the passing of Victor. He is a lovable, charming man. He undergoes a radical "change."
-Constance Coombs: Victor's second wife. A former beauty pageant contestant turned world-renowned psychologist. She is despondent over the loss of Victor. She undergoes an equally radical "change."
-Catherine Catty Coombs: Victor's daughter. A failed actress and an insufferable megalomaniac. She loathes her uncle and step-mother. She may be crazier than General Morder.
-Claude Coombs: Catherine's son. A serial killer with a positive mental attitude. He does not have a face. Like, seriously. Because he ate it. He's a hoot!
-Purity Coombs: Catherine's daughter. She is a sociopath.
-Patience Coombs: Purity's twin sister. She shares what seems to be a "hive mind" with Purity.
-7 ensemble members for acting, singing, and dancing roles. There are no dance-only roles, though some roles may be non-singing. Each ensemble member will play multiple parts, including General Morder's troops, corpses during a dance routine, and military soldiers.


Auditions will take place at BROS HQ (first floor of the Bell Foundry building, 1539 N Calvert St, Baltimore MD 21202). Our entrance is through the glass double doors on the south side of Federal Street, east of Calvert.

To reserve your place, PLEASE RSVP to (subject line: Incredibly Dead auditions) with your preferred date and time (listed below).

All auditioners should prepare one monologue and one song to total no more than 4 minutes of material. You may also present a short movement phrase if you choose. We will cut you off at 4 minutes so please prepare accordingly! ⅛” audio input (headphone cable) into a stereo is available for music playback if necessary; there is no accompanist.

Group auditions will begin promptly on the hour for each session. Please expect to stay the entire hour, dress in clothing/shoes appropriate for a group movement exercise, and bring a list of your known weeknight/weekend conflicts through 5/27/2018. Walk-ins will be accepted as time permits!

This is a NON-EQUITY show. Actors will not be paid for their work, but meals will be provided during all tech and show dates.

6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm

11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm

11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm

CALLBACKS will take place on Monday 12/11 between 6:30pm-10:30pm.

Please contact us at (subject line: Incredibly Dead auditions) to RSVP or for more information.