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BROS Newsroom

BROS and the Bell Foundry

December 6th, 2016


As many know, BROS Headquarters operates out of the first floor of the Bell Foundry. On Monday December 5th at 1pm, the dozens of local artists who operated on the Bell Foundry's second floor were forced to vacate their spaces by city officials. BROS has also been forced to cease all operations at the Bell Foundry, but have not been asked to vacate our space. We are currently waiting on more information from city officials.

While this has undoubtedly shaken BROS to its core and will require us to make some very tough decisions in the future, at this very moment our hearts are with our friends and neighbors from upstairs. A GoFundMe has been set up to aid the relocation of studios and artists which we encourage you to check out. Additionally, representatives of the upstairs have asked for "helpers, vehicles, boxes, food, and love" today, December 6th from 10:30am–4pm.

We are, and continue to be, all in this together and BROS will do everything we can to support our friends in the arts community during this time. For questions or statements, please contact our Artistic Director, Aran Keating –

Article photo by J.M. Giordano for Baltimore City Paper