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BROS Newsroom

BROS At Artscape!

June 16th, 2015


ARTSCAPE 2015: Are you YOLO enough for BROCEAN CITY?? Come party with the zaniest spring break mutants from under the sea at their larger than life beach party freak show! Visitors to this wet and wild bonanza will enter the party through an impressively encrusted gateway arch and immediately be thrown into the mix of PARTYSWAG. A sideshow stage just inside the arch is always abuzz with bands, puppet shows and cabaret acts, while a CLAM JAM games area offers the partiest of contests to those wishing to test their skills against the sea mutants of BROCEAN CITY. The BRÖTHERSHIP will be resurrected this year as the stage for the BROS’ famous AIR GUITAR BATTLES!

Once an hour the Mer-Partygod Typhoonicus picks a champion air guitar knight to help him wage war on the UN-YOLO from his epic mer-chariot pulled by a team of hippocamps to defend their SWAG.

All this party time is but the iridescent skin on top of the main attraction: the DOME of SEAWEED featuring the BROS Rock Opera 6-Pack! The BROS will re-mount their 2015 hit spring rock-opera series UNDER THE SEADOME at the back of the Charles St. parking lot, with showtimes throughout the day, all freakin’ weekend! BROCEAN CITY: TURN DOWN FOR WATER.


Friday 7/17:
8:00pm – The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing
8:30pm – The Legend of Jessie Jean
9:15pm – RATS!

Saturday 7/18:
1:00pm & 5:00pm – Revival
1:45pm & 5:45pm – Sidelines
9:00pm – The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing
9:30pm – The Legend of Jessie Jean
10:15pm – RATS!

Sunday 7/19:
1:00pm – Revival
1:45pm – Sidelines
5:00pm – The Battle of Blue Apple Crossing
5:30pm – The Legend of Jessie Jean
6:15pm – RATS!