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BROS Newsroom

BROS Melts Face at Artscape!!!

August 5th, 2010


As of July 16, 2010, the Bröthership has successfully been christened (it survived a hell of a beating/small fire on it's maiden voyage), and will now proudly wave the BROS banner at all events, gatherings, parties, and religious/cult rituals that we are planning. We're pumped to present the automotive embodiment of the spirit of BROS; an outlandish, in-your-face behemoth of unrestrained rock power designed to maximize audience participation in the most face-melting street performances possible!

BROS would like to wave the horns in recognition to everyone whose labor is behind this fire-breathing leviathan of doom:

• Jim Lucio, Visual Arts Coordinator at Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, thank you for providing BOPA funds and for letting BROS convince you that this was not only possible, but a good idea! (Also, you rocked the stag – thanks for threatening to disembowel all the small children at Artscape!)

• Holly Klemm, Curator of the ArtCar Exhibit and Parade, thank you for all of your hard work in making the ArtCars a major draw at Artscape, and for letting BROS run wild!

• Larry Klemm of Honest Larry’s Used Cars, Finder of the modest looking 1988 Saab 900, thank you for your generosity in donating the car and your faith that we could turn even a 20 year-old European hatchback into a golden-winged stronghold of righteousness!

• Chuck Green Sr., protector of the Bröthership, we can't thank you enough for letting us store the car in your driveway during construction and letting us use your fine collection of tools. Also, a sincere thank you for making room in the fridge for enough beer to quench the entire BROS crew!

• All friends and fellow BROS who showed up, rain or shine, to lend their efforts toward the completion of the Bröthership--and again to everyone who hung out at Artscape to partake in the fruits of our labor!