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BROS Newsroom

Designer Applications for Brides of Tortuga!

May 3rd, 2016

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is seeking designers/department leaders (DLs) for our October 2016 original production, Brides of Tortuga. This application will close on Sunday, May 22 at 7pm. Currently we are looking for the following noble Brojans to lead us to glory: Fight Choreographer, Sets Designer, Sets Assistant, Props/Gore Designer, Props/Gore Assistant, Costume Designer, Costume Assistant, Hair/Makeup Designer, Front of House Leader, Marketing Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Craft Services Coordinator!


The performances of Brides will take place on or around October 21-November 13, final venue TBA. This form is your bid to shoulder the responsibilities of a Department Leader role for the performance. Most involve managing volunteers and all involve completing long term projects. If these roles aren't for you, there will also be numerous opportunities for volunteers to be involved in the production build! Both current BROS and external candidates are welcome to apply.

The selection process for Brides leaders will be made by the BROS Staff and the directing team (also TBA). We may ask to meet with you in person before decisions are made. You can expect to hear a final decision no later than Friday, June 3. If you have specific questions about this application, please contact the BROS Production Director, Debra Lenik, at

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