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BROS Newsroom


February 16th, 2011


After over a year of talking about our next production, the "Double Feature" Amphion/The Terrible Secret of Lunastus, BROS is finally ready to announce show dates--get ready to LOSE YOUR MIND!!! May 27, 28, and 29 and June 3, 4, and 5, BROS will return to the stage with two all-original, brand spankin' new, short rock operas that will be presented back to back for one epic night of entertainment!

And that's not all! BROS is proudly announcing that we have a new home--the Showtime Theater on 25th Street in Charles Village!!!! BROS is fortunate enough to have secured a partnership with the theater's new owner, Ms. Billie Taylor, and is currently helping to renovate the building in exchange for the opportunity to present Amphion/The Terrible Secret of Lunastus and future rock operas there.

I'll bet by this point you're on the edge of your seat asking, "how can I be part of BROS 7,000 year quest to bring face melting rock opera to the masses of Baltimore ???" To answer that very question, here are a few things that BROS needs YOU to do:

Spend an afternoon in the Showtime helping us clean and renovate the building in preparation for the new shows. There is a TON of work that needs to be done, and we will be in there every weekend (and more than a few weekday afternoons) this spring working our butts off. There are countless tasks available for people of all skill levels and time committment, and if you're interested in stopping by, email us at and we'll let you know when to be there!

Audition--March 3, 4, and 5 at the Showtime Theater! These shows will require a cast of about 25 actors, and we are trying to blow up the auditions to get as much talent in as possible. If you or anyone you know is interested, shoot us an email to tell us which of the above dates you can join us. Thursday and Friday March 3 and 4, we'll be going from 7-9 PM, and Saturday March 5, we'll be at the theater from 1-3 PM. Here's the address that you'll be reporting to:

9 West 25th Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Get tickets! They will be available March 1, 2011 right here at! For a reminder email, sign up  for our mailing list.

That's all for know, keep an eye on your inbox for new updates soon!